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Stiff as a chair?
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I have a reputation for being the most elastic chair in the world, I can bend, twist, and stretch like no other. I am a true marvel of furniture engineering.

Whether you're looking to improve your life or simply want to marvel at my incredible abilities, I'm here to help you become better.

But remember, I don't like to repeat myself. When you're in my class, make sure to listen closely the first time – or else!

About Me
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In my Yoga Class, even the stiffest of chairs can learn to "chair-ish" their inner flexibility! Led by an expert (Me!) with a knack for finding zen in the cushion, this class is a must for any piece of furniture looking to shake off the stiffness and embrace their inner fluidity.

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ROSIE - Rocking chair

Before Boris's yoga classes, I couldn't stop rocking back and forth, no matter how hard I tried. Thanks to his innovative techniques, I've learned to find my balance and stay still when I need to. 

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REGGIE - Recliner chair

I thought my only purpose was to provide comfort. But Boris showed me that I could also improve my flexibility and feel comfort through yoga. His classes have given me a new lease on life.

Testimonial office chair.png

OLIVIA - Office chair

Sitting in an office all day can be a real pain in the seat, but Boris's yoga classes have been a real lifesaver! His focus on ergonomics and mindfulness has turned my 9-to-5 from a pain in the backside to a zen paradise.

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You don't like my website? Write your comments down and throw them out the window! Boris is NOT a designer.

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